Position: Logistics Analyst


Requirement & Responsibility:


  • At least a bachelor degree in business, operations management, International Business and Marketing, or a related field

  • Optimize the Shipping Flow---Report Project Plans, Analyze the Trend of Development, and Provide Data to Help Manager to Make Strategic Business Decision; Develop and Implement Technical Project Management Tools

    • ​Develop and maintain various models and methods for logistics uses, such as cost estimating, demand forecasting, land/air/ocean transportation rate quotation, effective route arrangement

    • Collaborate with other internal functional departments in developing logistics performance metrics to evaluate effectiveness of current and future logistical processes in order to optimize logistics performance

    • Determine alternatives and recommend new initiatives and methodologies in the logistics area based on client requirements and project priorities by analyzing and evaluating in areas such as shipping cost, data, warehousing, and logistics

    • Develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures for the overall effective and efficient logistics program and to support the initiatives and directives of the customer

    • Prepare reports for management with regard to logistics performance measures, project plans, progress, and results to help determine ways to optimize the logistic process

  • Customize Logistic Planning

    • ​Identify and define client requirements and leverage the worldwide logistics in order to design the necessary logistic activities

    • Illustrate and expand on the understanding of customers’ shipment distribution in all areas including warehousing, cargo damage, missing, overage, or delay probability related with sale rate and season freight period

    • Evaluate the actual cost trade-offs between various modes, routes, consolidations and carrier combinations to determine the best alternative for each individual shipment.  Create a customized plan specific to the customer and their needs

    • As a subject matter expert, advise the customers on program development, planning and implementation of logistics element(s) to meet their program goals and objectives

  • Coordinate A Sequence of Resources to Carry out Projects